22 May 2020

Summer Updates

I’m currently teaching a wonderful class with my Alcyone Ensemble Duo Partner, Rena Urso. To sign up visit: https://www.lessonface.com/apply/crafting-beautiful-etude-amy-likar-and-rena-urso I’m excited that my favorite flute class has moved online. Thank you Andree Martin and the wonderful Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University. June 8-12, 2020. Come join me, Andree Martin, Kelly Wilson, Carol […]

16 Mar 2012

April 21, 2012 Workshop with Barbara Conable for Alexander Technique Teachers

In 2009 Barbara Conable and Doris Dietschy presented a workshop in Switzerland called: Mapping the Self:  What is my Self Map as an Alexander Technique Teacher? Materials from this workshop can accessed at: http://www.emindex.ch/hp/infos.las?s=doris.dietschy I was able to spend three hours this past summer at the Lugano Congress taking this workshop with Doris.  I loved […]

22 Feb 2012

18th Annual Summer Alexander Technique Residential Program, July 9-13, 2012 in Boulder, Colorado

UC Boulder’s 18th Annual Summer Alexander Technique Residential Program returns to Boulder Colorado. Learn more at http://music.colorado.edu/departments/wellness/.

22 Feb 2012

Summer Flute, June 25-29, 2012 in Columbus, Georgia

Join us at Columbus State University for What Every Flutist Needs to Know About the Body, the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method®. Learn more at www.summerflutes.org.