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About Me

Noted for her…”dazzling…and winning tonal beauty and eloquence,” (Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle), Amy Likar is an active freelancer and chamber musician based in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Expanding on her work as a flutist, Amy became fascinated with performance health and wellness through her own recovery from stress-related

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Amy Likar has performed across the United States and Europe and regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area both as a member of the Oakland Symphony and as a freelance musician. As a freelance musician she has appeared with Opera Parallèle, West Edge Opera, Festival Opera, Berkeley Chamber Opera, Soli Deo Gloria, Marin Symphony, Sacramento

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Music Coaching

I am a teaching and performing artist who combines a love and passion for music with the practical, whole body approaches of Body Mapping and the Alexander Technique. My work as a musician allows me to practically apply the knowledge I’ve gleaned over almost 30 years working in the fields of Body Mapping and the

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Body Mapping

What is Body Mapping? Body Mapping is the conscious correcting and refining of one’s body map to produce efficient, coordinated, effective movement. Body Mapping, over time, with application, allows any musician to play like a natural. It is a tool that is useful in many different settings from music studios to exercise studios and to

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Alexander Technique

For although there is nothing esoteric in his [F.M. Alexander’s] teaching, and although his exposition is made in the simplest English, free from technical words, it is difficult for anyone to grasp its full force without having actual demonstration of the principle in operation. – John Dewey Ms. Likar has studied the Alexander Technique for

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