“Being completely involved for over 60 years with the joys and tasks of breathing both for ‘life’ and for wind playing, I found Amy Likar’s highly informative book a boon! I appreciate her thoroughness in discussing the breathing process by including invaluable exercises for our own ‘instrument’ as well as our external ones. I am comforted to know that something that is so illusive as the breath process is explained coherently and enthusiastically. Having been blessed myself to study with the pupils of FM Alexander, the founder of the Alexander Technique, I will use this book as a perfect reference and self help guide. As the slogan taped atop my own flute case reads (courtesy YOGI TEAS), ‘The voice of your soul is breath,’ I will carry forth with my own research and experience now supported by this wonderful new book. I salute Amy Likar for affirming all of this and so much more.”